Learn the basics of margin with our in-depth video tutorials

Getting Started

In this video we show you how easy it is get up and running with margin. We’ll have you connected and trading on your favourite exchanges in no time at all.

An Overview of margin

In a couple of short minutes we show you what margin is capable of and introduce some of the trading terminals' most powerful features.

A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Using margin

Let us walk you through the process of buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using margin - it couldn't be easier!

Python Strategy Editor

A highly flexible framework that allows you to write your own bots in Python. In this video you will get an overview of the main components and learn how to program a simple ping pong bot.

Scale Bot

An overview of our Scale Trading bot that seeks to take advantage of underlying volatility of the crypto markets. Quickly setup a large number of limit orders and adapt the distance between them and the gain cycle by clicking and dragging in the chart

Ping Pong Bot

A simple bot that allows you to set a static buy and sell price in order to make gains. Multiple bots can be run on a single pair to create a feathered order effect.

mArgin maker Bot

The very first bot we ever built. Unlike the ping pong bot it's dynamic and gives you the chance to make even bigger gains

Bollinger Band Bot

Learn how to quickly setup our beautifully visualized Bollinger Band Bot and protect your position with in-built stop loss using margin


An in-depth tutorial of our EMA Crossover Bot. An ideal choice for catching trends, either bullish or bearish, with a wide selection of parameters to provide greater control over the bot’s actions.

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