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Visual Trading

Clean layouts, a simple user experience and beautiful visualizations mean managing your trades has never been easier. Interactive charts, drag and drop orders and time aligned news feeds are just some of the cool features you will find in margin's advanced and lightning-fast native GUI.


Designed to remove emotion from trading decisions, our intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to customize and automate your trading strategies. Not only will our bots help you develop a more structured approach to your trades, they'll help you make money while you sleep. Choose and customize one of our pre-built bots or implement your own bot using margin's built-in Python-strategy editor.


We take your security very seriously. margin is a native desktop application that you install locally on your computer. The terminal does not send any client information to our servers. That means that all the communication happens directly between your computer and the exchange, giving you extra peace of mind.
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An Overview of Margin

In a couple of short minutes we show you some of the features that the margin trading terminal offers. Connect to all your favourite exchanges and execute trades using a unified interface. If you want to find out more about our bot line-up click here. You will see that it only takes a couple of clicks to setup and run a bot in margin. We also offer an in-built python strategy editor that allows you write your own strategies!

Supported Exchanges

"This was exactly what I was looking for, easy to use, the interface is fantastic."

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Powering bitcoin trades since 2014

From the outset our vision was that the margin trading terminal should be powerful, robust and easy to use. Our development team has done an awesome job of realizing this vision and has worked tirelessly to build a platform that enhances your bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading experience. We love what we've created and think you will too!

Responsive and personal support

To be a margin terminal user is to know you’ll get outstanding support that is fast, responsive and reliable.
And because we have been in the crypto space since 2014 you can also rely on a strong and helpful community of margin traders who are always willing to help out. The best way to access this fantastic resource is to join our telegram channel.